It’s more than attraction. It’s magnetism.

Grad DNA cures your biggest attraction and screening headaches. Instead of sifting through identikit applications from unsuitable candidates, our ingenious app matches you with engaged individuals from all backgrounds, pre-screened for the exact skills you’re looking for.

Grad DNA improves…

  1. Manageability – You save time, money and resources screening better-suited candidates…and fewer of them. With everyone tested and pre-screened, you can fast-track the best graduates ahead of your competitors.
  2. Diversity – We cut the outdated over-reliance on academic performance to help you select from a broader and richer talent pool.
  3. Quality – We only match students to your scheme if they meet your entry requirements and assessment criteria.

The start of something better

In all our years working in graduate recruitment, the Grad DNA team kept hearing the same story. The old way of attracting and selecting graduates is no longer fit for purpose…

So we went ahead and changed the game. Working with a&dc and Test Partnership, we’ve created a series of aptitude, situational judgement and personality assessments specifically designed to be taken on a mobile device.

Students take these assessments on our easy-to-use app. If they’re suitable for your scheme, they’re matched to your scheme. With Grad DNA, everyone wins.

Tell me more

That’s the short version. We’d love to tell you everything Grad DNA can do for forward-thinking, innovative employers like you. Start the conversation by emailing or contacting one of the team.