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Be matched to you-shaped careers

Grad DNA takes the hard work out of finding the perfect role. This brand new app gives you the opportunity to match what you have with what employers are looking for. And you may be surprised by the results.

Use the Grad DNA app to…

  1. Test. Take 6 employer-approved tests, developed by psychologists to mirror real graduate assessments.
  2. Match. Uncover your unique set of skills, then be matched with switched-on employers who want what you have.
  3. Apply. Explore roles you like, reject ones you don’t and submit applications through the app, when and where you want.

Don’t waste your efforts

Grad DNA saves you from application overload. Free up your time and improve your odds by precision-targeting applications to graduate roles or undergraduate schemes that fit your skills… for employers ready and waiting to hear from you.

Make interesting discoveries

Your results may surprise you! Grad DNA can reveal hidden depths and suggest paths you’ve never thought of. We’ll keep matching you as new schemes open. And whatever your matches, you’ll come away knowing more about what you have to offer the world of work.

Ready to show employers what you’re made of? Download the app for iOS or Android now!

Feeling a little rusty? Get your psychometric flex on in our Practice Area

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